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Considerations Prior to Finishing a Basement

Weatherseal's basement pre-finishing system by Emecole ensures a long-term healthy environment and the protection of your client's investment.

Weatherseal's basement pre-finishing system is a valued component that no basement should be without.

Repairing a cracked concrete wall, installing a backup sump pump, preventing mold growth and properly insulating and reducing radon gas infiltration are all crucial components of basement pre-finishing. Such repair jobs or enhancements in the basement are usually not tended to until after a problem has surfaced.

Unfortunately, these various problems can happen in a basement at anytime, whether the basement is finished or unfinished. When water leaks, radon gas infiltration or flooding happens in a finished basement, the cost of repairs and lost time are significantly higher.

Finishing a basement is a significant investment to the homeowner. Homeowners should always have their basement inspected by their remodeling professional or a basement waterproofing contractor to find immediate or potential problems before having it finished. Ensuring that a basement is properly prepared before it's finished will reduce energy cost, protect your investment and prevent flooding, toxic mold growth and dangerous radon gas infiltration.

The Finished Basement Alternative

When a homeowner wants to improve the overall atmosphere of his or her basement without having to fully finish it, Weatherseal's basement pre-finishing system offers a highly efficient and economical alternative.

The Emecole basement pre-finishing system will provide an un-finished basement the same benefits of a fully finished basement.

Maximizing Value and Health

Whether the basement is fully finished or not, a dry, clean and usable basement helps maximize the value of the home while reducing radon gas infiltration and mold growth, to provide a safe, healthy environment.

Basement Waterproofing for Finishing Basements

  • Waterproof Insulating Blanket:
    Insulates and blocks moisture in basements, whether finished or un-finished. For un-finished basements, Emecole's waterproof insulating blanket projects a clean and bright finished appearance.
  • Pene-Seal-Crete:
    The first line of defense against both moisture vapor and radon gas infiltration through porous concrete and concrete block.
  • Radon Shield:
    Hybrid, radon-resistant polymer. For sealing cove joints and concrete floor cracks against radon and moisture infiltration.
  • Concrete Wall Crack Repair and Starter Kits
    Low-pressure crack injection epoxy and urethane foam materials for poured concrete foundation wall cracks. Formulated materials available individually with accessories or together in fully equipped starter kits.
  • Concrete Floor Crack repair with Emecole 555:
    Fast setting polyurea produced specifically for concrete floor and slab cracks. Cures within 20 minutes, allowing same day overlays.
  • Primary and Backup Sump Pumps:
    A full line of primary and backup sump pump systems, to protect the basement from floods and damage.
  • Sealed Sump Pit:
    Unique, simple job site assembled design. Ships flat for easy transport and storage. Makes it the perfect sump pit solution for all basements and those hard to access crawl spaces.