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Concrete Crack Repair Systems

The repairing of structural deficiencies and/or seepage and water leakage as a result of foundation wall cracks is a critical aspect of the basement waterproofing and pre-finishing process. Today, the most efficient and economical way to repair poured foundation wall cracks is with low-pressure injection. Weatherseal uses a variety of urethane foam and epoxy resin injection products for the repair of concrete wall cracks.

When waterproofing basements, it is an absolute priority to ensure that all concrete wall cracks are properly repaired and sealed, stopping further basement seepage and wall leaks.

Foundation cracks may also be prevented with the use of carbon fiber reinforcement staples for cracked foundation walls and stitching dogs for cracked floor cracks. Our basement waterproofing product line also includes specialized crack repair products for built-in pools and horizontal slabs.

Urethane & Epoxy Injection Products

Crack Injection for Cracked Concrete Walls For wet leaking wall cracks, Emecole's two component urethane rapidly expands when it comes in contact with moisture, filling voids both within the crack and behind the wall, quickly hardening to a flexible and permanent repair. When the structural integrity of the concrete is a problem, or believed to be a problem, epoxy is the preferred material for injection. Epoxies effectively seal cracks while reinforcing the repair area to be stronger than the non-repaired area around it.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Staples

Installed Carbon Fiber Staples, Foundation Wall Crack Repair Structural cracks in concrete are caused by movement in the foundation, thus resulting in long-term creeping and fatiguing of concrete. Crack repair by injection alone may not be a permanent solution. Epoxy injection in structural repair is a suitable first phase, yet a second phase may be necessary. The repair process must be made permanent by addressing movement.

The use of Carbon Fiber Countersunk Staples provides the necessary reinforcement. By cross-stitching crack repair with Countersunk Staples, creep and fatigue is eliminated and improves long-term performance of repair material.

Carbon fiber has proven to be a safer and more effective product for structural reinforcement than steel. Countersunk Staples, when installed, lay flat against the wall, leaving the wall with no obstruction and ready to paint. Countersunk staples will not rust or deteriorate.

There are many reasons a concrete foundation wall will crack, some of the most common reasons are:

  • Soil pressure on the wall
  • Thermal changes in soil and concrete
  • Settling of footing
  • Uneven loading of structure
  • Drying and shrinkage
  • Soil shrinkage in the dry season

By applying Countersunk Staples across the face of the crack, the load is distributed away from the glue line to the portion of the concrete that is not cracked. This prevents fatigue and re-cracking at the injection glue line.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Staples

With Countersunk Staples installed, which takes only a few minutes, you can be confident the crack will not re-occur and the repair will last the life of your home. The wall is permanently stabilized in the area of the crack.

Concrete Floor & Slab Repair

Weatherseal uses Emecole repair products.

Weatherseal's concrete crack repair systems include a line of epoxies and fast setting polyurea products for various uses, including mortar patching and flat concrete crack repair. Our repair sealing and coatings were produced specifically for the repair of concrete floors for basements, crawl spaces, garages and warehouses, as well as concrete slabs for patios, driveways and swimming pool decks.

Emecole 555 for concrete floor cracks and slabs... Professional concrete repair contractors thinking about maximizing their basement waterproofing business, should consider the repair of flat surface concrete floor cracks and slab crack repair. When repairing such concrete ground cracks, the most efficient system is a fast setting polyurea manufactured for concrete floor and slab crack repair.

Emecole 555 allows you to repair cracked and spalling concrete in a matter of minutes.  It allows concrete floors to be overlayed or resurfaced in one day, cracks included.  Shadow cracks are a thing of the past and same day repairs are made possible through this revolutionary product.

Features include:
  • Cures in 10 minutes for overlays or coatings
  • Permanently bonds the concrete
  • 0 deg. to 100 deg. working temperatures
  • Over 4000 PSI tensile strength
  • Available in a number of packages

Works great for repairing spalls and cracks in concrete floors and slabs, including driveways, patios, garage floors, and basement floors. It also stops additional damage. The repaired area can be put into service within 15 minutes of application.

  • Extremely low viscosity allows deep penetration into concrete.
  • All material is self-mixed and delivered at the point of application. No messy pot-mixing or wasted product.
  • When combined with manufactured sand, Emecole 555 will form a tough 4500 psi polymer concrete with similar properties to existing concrete that will stay pliable over time.
  • Safe to use. Materials react quickly with very low odor.
  • Completely cures in 10 minutes after application at 70° F. Will also cure rapidlysubzero environments. For additional information click here to read about why concrete slabs crack and the different types of cracks.

Concrete Floor Crack Repair

Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs

Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs for Added Reinforcement to Concrete Slab & Floor Repair

When concrete floor cracks and slabs require repair, a fast-reacting polyurea, such as Emecole 555, is best suited for such a job. However, flat surface cracks forming as a result of ground movement, need additional reinforcement.

Emecole's Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Stitching Dogs are the first commercially available carbon fiber repair product designated specifically for concrete surfaces where slab movement needs to be prevented. Stitching Dogs are designed to enhance our tough and dependable Emecole 555 fast repair product. Highly effective, the use of stitching dogs for concrete ground cracks makes for a no-brainer investment for any concrete repair or basement waterproofing business.

Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs add 1320 PSI tensile to assure the longevity of a slab crack repair. Stitching dogs are ideal for decorative overlay specialist. This product stabilizes the slab for trouble free polymer overlay installations. Best of all, overlay can be installed over this repair in just 30 minutes.