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Weatherseal Construction, Inc.

Crawl Space Sealing & Insulation

Weatherseal Construction, Inc. uses the EmeSeal System by Emecole.

The EmeSeal System reduces energy cost and protects against destructive moisture, toxic mold, cancer causing radon gas, unwanted pests and harmful airborne allergens.

Emecole offers a complete line of professional grade products for the sealing and insulating of crawl spaces.

Indoor Air Quality ... Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

According to the U.S. EPA, the "typical" home in the United States has between .5 and 1.5 air changes per hour.

Translation: If your home is somewhere in the middle, say at one air change per hour (not a "tight house" but not a "drafty house" either), this would mean that every hour all the air in your home is replaced with new air.

Where does this new air come from? Amazingly, over 50% of this indoor air comes from the crawl space.

How? As warm air rises, cool air from the crawl space is sucked into the living areas of the home. Called the "stack effect," it's how a chimney works.

This, combined with other factors, means a significant amount of the air you breathe actually came from the crawlspace.
The EmeSeal System will greatly improve the indoor air quality throughout your home. Provding a cost-effective, permanent solution to allergens and irritants by eliminating the source of the problem and create a clean, dry, sanitary storage area while protecting the well being of your family.

EmeSeal System Components

Crawl Space Floor Liner
  • 100% pure virgin resins
  • Seals out moisture and soil gases
  • Antimicrobial - Won't support mold growth
  • Class A / Class 1 fire rated
  • Nylon reinforced - won't rip, rot or decay
  • 25 year manufacturer warranty (click to view)
Crawl Space Sealing Floor Liner - 22 mil Multi-ply Floor Liner   Installing Crawl Space Floor Liner

Crawl Space Sealing Drain Fabric

Crawl Space Drain Fabric
  • 100 mil thick
  • Prevents liner from "sticking" to soil
  • Enhances water drainage beneath liner
  • 100% polypropylene fibers - won't rot or decay
  • Cushions floor - protects liner, hands and knees
Installing Crawl Space Liner

Crawl Space Waterproof Insulating Blanket

Crawl Space Waterproof Insulating Blanket
  • Class A / Class 1 fire rated
  • Insulates wall - reduces energy costs
  • Won't support mold growth
  • Seals out water vapor and radon gas
  • 99% pure aluminum backing
  • No nesting support for pest and rodents
Crawl Space Insulating Blanket

Crawl Space Heat Shield (optional)

Crawl Space Sealing Heat Shield
  • Keeps living space floors warm
  • Built in reinforcing grid
  • Reflects 95% of radiant heat
  • 99% pure aluminum backing
  • Class A / Class 1 fire rated
  • "Perforated" won't trap moisture
Crawl Space Sealing Heat Shield In-Use

Roll Adhesive

Crawl Space Sealing and Insulating Roll Adhesive
  • Attaches insulation blanket to wall
  • Seals floor liner to floor supports and pipes
  • Never dries out, provides an air tight seal
  • Non-toxic, USDA approved for indirect food contact
Roll Adhesive usage for Crawl Space Sealing

Permanent Seaming Tape

Crawl Space Sealing Permanent Seaming Tape
  • 4" wide, pressure sensitive, 9 mil white poly
  • Specially formulated rubber based adhesive system
  • Seals out moisture and soil gases
  • Unaffected by storage items and human traffic
Use of Crawl Space Permanent Seaming Tape

Lil' Blue Crawl Space Pit Kit

Crawl Space Pit Kit

Crawl space sealing and insulation products with the EmeSeal System. For further information or to order, give us a call and put our crawl space sealing and insulation solutions to work for you.