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Weatherseal Construction, Inc.

Carbon Fiber Structural Repair

Weatherseal and Fortress Stabilization Systems have partnered to introduce Carbon Fiber/Kevlar technology in the form of Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Grid straps, the next step in permanent foundation stabilization. The hybrid grid strap system is comprised of high tensile strength carbon fibers woven together by Kevlar strands.

Carbon fiber / kevlar grid straps are designed for stabilizing both poured concrete and block walls. Due to the extreme high strength to weight ratio, carbon fiber reinforcement is the repair material of choice for bowed basement walls, bridge columns, and concrete beams to restore and maintain structural integrity.

Replacing steel with carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is now a proven popular alternative to steel for reinforcing structural substrates in residential and commercial applications. Carbon fiber is highly effective at adding tensile strength to concrete. It is superior to steel since it is stronger, stiffer and non-corrosive. It also can be bonded to the surface of a concrete structure at any time to stop bowing and cracking. This allows limitless applications for new construction, repair, retrofit and seismic upgrades.

Fortress Stabilization Systems
Concrete and Structural Repair & Reinforcement Systems

From Concrete Reinforcement and Repair in Homes to Bridges, Fortress Stabilization's Carbon-Fiber Kevlar sheet straps have proven applications.
carbon fiber grid Fortress Stabilization Systems has redesigned Aerospace and Marine Carbon Fiber and Kevlar technologies to meet the specific needs of the Construction and Concrete Industries. We manufacture all types of carbon fiber for many different applications, from carbon fiber kevlar straps to carbon cloth fabric for wet lay ups.

Through exhaustive research, development, and laboratory-field testing, we have developed proven and unsurpassed surface preparation and bonding techniques to resolve issues inherent within the construction industry including concrete repair, concrete reinforcement, foundation repair, bowed basement and foundation walls, and so much more.

Residential concrete reinforement
Reinforcing bowed basement walls
Our product line and their applications are ever-expanding as the construction industry, both commercial and residential, realize the tremendous advantages and utilities of the Fortress Stabilization Systems. The industry has come to learn that there is no limit to the use of Fortress Stabilization Systems and our carbon-fiber kevlar cloth in combination with our unique application systems.

Fortress Stabilization Systems have been used for everything from foundation repair, concrete crack repair, concrete reinforcement, bowed basement and foundation walls, reinforcing concrete in roads and bridges, restoring the structural integrity of commercial buildings, both post and pre-construction, and even stabilizing mine shafts. Look through our case studies and you will likely find an example of your individual problem and concern.

The only limit to the Fortress Stabilization Systems is your imagination. If you have a concrete structural integrity issue that requires reinforcement and repair, Contact Us. If we have not dealt with the issue raised, we will have our engineers look into its application, feasibility, and, when possible, provide a engineering plan for the project. After all, we are always attempting to broaden the application of our carbon fiber attempting to cloth.
Commercial Foundation Repair
Commercial Foundation & Concrete Repair
Bridge Repair
Bridge structural integrity

U.S. Patent #6692595 #6746741 #6846537 other patents pending

Wall Failure Repair and Structural Reinforcement

Weatherseal Construction, Inc. is the local contractor of the FORTRESS STABILIZATION reinforcing products. FORTRESS STABILIZATION has developed various Carbon-fiber and Kevlar grids that include grid straps, peel-ply plates, L-brackets, carbon/Kevlar staples, corner bracing and anchors. Weatherseal Construction, Inc. primarily uses these products to reinforce basement walls that have begun to fail, bow and crack. The material can also be used to restore structural integrity to bridge columns, concrete beams, and to mend cracks in concrete structures so the structural members can continue to perform without being removed and replaced

FORTRESS Carbon-fiber/Kevlar grid straps have been thoroughly tested and proven to be the best solution for exterior reinforcement on the market today.


  1. Because carbon fiber grid-straps lay flat on the surface, the wall can be painted so that the property value is not diminished.
  2. Carbon fiber is corrosion proof and virtually lasts forever.
  3. Carbon fiber is more rigid than steel, so wall movement is immediately arrested.
  4. Fortress grid-strap is conformable to almost any deflection.
  5. Carbon fiber installation can usually be completed in a short amount of time.
  6. Repair cost using fortress grid-straps is a fraction of wall replacement and delivers strength comparable to steel.
  7. Fortress grid-straps will not interfere with future installation of paneling, studs, or waterproofing systems.
  8. Unlike mechanical supports, carbon fiber becomes an intrinsic part of the foundation wall.
  9. Concrete crack repair with carbon fiber grid-straps is the least obtrusive method available. Most applications require no excavation, thus avoiding both the high cost and damage to landscaping, driveways, etc. associated with the use of heavy machinery.
  10. Fortress Stabilization Systems offers the best warranty in the construction industry.